Department of Small Business Enterprise

Welcome to Leon County Schools Small Business Development Office page. The Small Business Development Office (SBDO) is established to support innovative race and gender neutral strategies to promote qualified small business participation based upon the availability of specific vendors and contractors that can provide necessary construction and non-construction services and products.

The (SBDO) focus is to identify resources available to assist and support this community by growing local small businesses especially minority and women owned businesses desiring to provide services/supplies to the Board. The SBDO shall further provide assistance to the small business owner(s) in becoming qualified and certified to conduct business with the Board. The SBDO shall also make school administrators and District managers are aware of LSBE respective services for procurement.

The SBDO shall also provide enhance mentoring, and training opportunities for small business owners and District staff in order to increase the utilization of local small businesses.

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Director of Small Business Enterprise
3360 W. Tharpe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32303
Phone 850.922.0657
FAX 850.414.2213
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