Leon County Schools

An Academically High Performing District

Magnet School Showcase - January 10, 13, 15, 2015

Magnet Choice Applications for the following schools MUST be turned in to the school you are applying to beginning January 5 through March 1, 2015:

  • Cobb Middle

  • Fairview Middle

  • Griffin Middle

  • Raa Middle

  • Godby High

  • Rickards High

Office of School Choice

Leon County Schools recognizes the importance of providing opportunities to our  students that allow them to explore their interests and reach new heights of academic excellence and personal accomplishment.  It is important to engage students with a program and curriculum that is exciting, relevant and self-directed. Our choice programs include performing arts, information technology, applied science and technology and a Pre-International Baccalaureate Preparatory Program. No matter what your student’s interests, you are sure to find a program that is a perfect match. School choice is all about providing opportunities for our students. We encourage you to explore all of our programs and find the right one for your student.



Amy Hall
(850) 487-7546
Jamie Holleman - Project Manager
(850) 414-5160
Fax (850) 487-0444 
Look up your school zone here http://leonschools.schoolwires.net/domain/101  
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