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Stoneware is a single sign-on application that allows a you to sign in once (using your network userid/password) and then have Stoneware pass your credentials automatically to applications used throughout Leon County Schools. In addition, Stoneware provides a way for you to reset/change your network password from any place at any time. Stoneware will become the one website you will visit on a regular basis to access LCS web-based applications. Stoneware:

Stoneware Tutorial Videos

Stoneware is a unified workspace that provides you with secure access to IT resources wherever you are, using whatever you have.

Using Stoneware

 Video Part 1 - What is Stoneware? - (MP4)
  Part 3 - Stoneware Home Pg Overview (MP4)
  Part 4 - Personalizing Stoneware (MP4)
  Part 5 - Selecting Apps (MP4)
  Part 6 - Resetting your password (MP4)
  Part 7 - Changing your Password (MP4)
  Part 8 - SSO vs. Lockbox vs. Webpass (MP4)
  Part 9 - Configuring MyTiles (MP4)
  Part 10 - Using Webpass (MP4)
  Part 11 - Managing Passwords (MP4)

 Installing Webpass

  Part 12 - Webpass - IE Install (MP4)
  Part 13 - Webpass - Firefox Install (MP4)
  Part 14 - Webpass  - Chrome Install (MP4)

Stoneware Compatibility


 IE  Chrome  Firefox
 IE  Chrome    Firefox


Stoneware Logo

Stoneware Contacts

Chris Evelo
Stoneware Administrator
Judy Knerr
Security Credentials/ Trainer
Justin Williamson
Instructional Technology Specialist

Stoneware Training Guide

Stoneware SSO Login

Last Modified on August 13, 2015